Capturing Documents with Laserfiche Snapshot

Laserfiche Snapshot is a virtual printer that allows you to "print" electronic documents into your repository as image pages. In effect, Laserfiche Snapshot works as though you had printed the document and then scanned it back into Laserfiche, but allows you to skip the step of making a physical printed copy. This allows you to create documents with pages that you can review and annotate within Laserfiche.

Note: When capturing a document with Snapshot, only the pages will be retained, not the original file itself.  If you want to keep the file, you can import it instead.

Snapshot can capture any electronic file that supports printing in its native application. For each Snapshot capture, you can configure the paper size, color format, and other properties used to generate pages. You can also set metadata for the documents when you capture them. In addition, Snapshot automatically generates text from your documents, which means they will be text-searchable in the repository.