Solution Templates

The Solution Templates feature pre-built processes and forms tailored for a range of business needs. You can use these as templates for your own processes.


Security Requirements

Product Minimum Required Security
Business Processes

One of the following security roles is necessary to create new processes:

  • Process Administrator
  • Process Developer
  • Process Designer

To work with the contents of a Laserfiche repository, a user account needs a variety of Laserfiche privileges and access rights. Some processes in the library involve tasks that carry out repository actions. The permissions that these tasks require are as follows.


  • Create Templates and Fields
  • Manage Templates and Fields
  • Records Management (only necessary when noted in the process details.)

Access Rights:

  • Read
  • Modify Contents
  • Append Data
  • Write Metadata
  • Create Documents
  • Create Folders

To access the Solution Templates

  1. In the top navigation bar, click Design.
  2. In the Designer dialog box, click ClosedSolution Templates. Solution templates can also be accessed from Learn more about the Solution Marketplace.

    Solution Templates selection dialog

  3. Under Solution Templates, filter by the desired category or industry.
  4. Click on a process to view additional details about a process.
  5. In the process details page, click Download Files to download the Laserfiche briefcase files necessary for the process.
  6. Click Import Process to create a new process using the pre-built elements as a basis. Work through the wizard to verify or change users, forms, workflows, rules, repositories, and settings associated with the imported process. You will be able to specify a new name for the process in a dialog. After clicking Upload, you will be taken to the process designer, where you can modify the process for your own usage.

Note: Import Process creates a new business process with pre-configured activities and forms. For many areas that require your specific organization's information, the process template fills in initial default values. You must review and modify these initial settings before running the process.


Process templates will include one or more of the following potential areas of configuration.

Note: Please view the annotations on downloaded process diagrams for information on process-specific details that may require additional configuration.

Further Help and Feedback

If you have questions, suggestions, or feedback, please post on the Laserfiche Answers Solution Templates group (