New Features in Laserfiche Cloud 2019.1

Laserfiche Cloud 2019.1 includes updates to Documents and Process Automation.

Watch an overview of the new features here:


Document Viewer

Many display options in the document viewer have been repositioned to be more intuitive. For example, you can now toggle panes open and closed directly from the toolbar. When viewing an electronic document, you can toggle between the file view and the Laserfiche pages here as well.

When viewing document pages, the size drop-down menu now includes the Page Display option so you can view multiple pages side-by-side. Similarly, the thumbnail pane now has a slider to set the number of columns of thumbnails.

Annotations are now easier to access directly from the toolbar with an annotations button instead of being nested under the More Actions button. This toolbar can be further customized under Options. After applying an annotation, you’ll see an Update button to save. In general, save buttons have been moved closer to the action you’re completing.

The Metadata tab has been renamed to Details, and this pane now has its own save button for updating the metadata. The tabs shown in this pane, and their order, can be changed from “More.” Changes to these tabs are carried over between the document viewer and the folder browser. Additionally, this entire pane can be hidden using the collapse button.

Folder Browser

The folder browser has also been updated and streamlined. As in the document viewer, you can show and hide the details pane with the collapse and expand buttons. You can also show and hide the folder tree as well. The folder tree has been reorganized so the quick access items that contain your starred documents, recently opened documents, and more are now easier to find at the top of the list.

Columns are now easier to configure as the column picker is more visible and column filters are shown in the column headers. These filters can be removed by an administrator if desired.

The template color is now applied directly to the folder icons themselves. Documents will show the color strip next to their names.

A new compress folder browser display option and compress field display option makes the folder browser and field displays more compact.

When opening a media file from the folder browser, it now conveniently opens directly in the document viewer, allowing users to view and edit metadata while viewing the media. You can also copy the URL to the media file from the folder browser. If you send the URL to another user, the media will open directly in their document viewer.

When performing a search, the advanced search syntax is hidden by default.

Flexible Records Management

Laserfiche Records Management has been updated to enable greater organizational flexibility in how records are handled, while still enforcing security restrictions to help meet compliance needs. Cutoff and retention policies can now be assigned directly to any entry in the repository, without needing to be located within a record series. In addition, holds (previously called freezes) can be placed on any entry in the repository, regardless of its folder structure or whether it is a record.

Process Automation

Capture Profiles

Capture profiles extract data from documents that can be used in a business process. Using the Capture Profile Designer, you can add samples of documents you want to scan, and draw boxes around the information you want to capture. Once configured, you can test the configuration with other sample documents, then publish the profile. The Run Capture Profile activity extracts text using a specified capture profile, then outputs tokens for the captured data that you can use later in the workflow.

External Data Sources

You can now configure remote agents to obtain data external to Laserfiche, such as Microsoft SQL and PostGreSQL databases on your organization's computers. Workers installed on your database computers can process data queries from Process Automation. Use the Data Query rule type to initiate data queries and process the results into suitable formats. This method of accessing databases on your organization's computers doesn't require you to create entities.

External Connection Profiles

Laserfiche now supports native integration options with Salesforce and Redtail. You can create an external connection profile and then use the new Run CRM Action activity in a workflow to push and pull information from Salesforce and Redtail, all without requiring code.

Set Records Management Properties Activity

You can automate records management actions by setting properties on individual records or records folders with the Set Records Management Properties activity. The activity includes various common records management actions, such as cutting off a record and setting a filing date. In addition, you can apply properties to multiple documents at once, without using a For Each Entry activity.