New Features in Laserfiche Cloud 2020.4

The Laserfiche Cloud 2020.4 update, released on October 8, 2020, includes a number of new features and a preview of the Laserfiche API.

Watch an overview of the new features here:

Process Automation

Workflow Activities

Create more powerful workflows with new activities. The Search Repository activity lets you search for files based on metadata field or location, and then use those files in the workflow. The Assign Rights activity lets you automatically apply access rights to entries in your repository.

Business Processes

More efficiently design form-based processes using a new drag-and-drop layout form designer. This provides a near-wysiwyg interface for forms creation and editing.

A new Rules service task lets you run pre-defined rules such as data queries, decision tables, formulas, and more.

You can also check and filter process instances across multiple processes at once through the process monitor view.

Survey reporting

You can now more conveniently analyze survey data by exporting survey reports as a single PDF.

Ellucian Banner integration through Ethos

Laserfiche business processes now support using lookup rules to auto-populate form fields with information from Ellucian Banner and other applications. Additionally, new actions, such as changing the major and minor disciplines, have been added to the Run Application Action activity in workflows for Ellucian connections.


The web client now allows you to print multiple documents in a batch. You can perform batch prints on any combination of imaged documents, Word files, and PDFs. When you select multiple documents and print them, the web client will generate a PDF that you can then print.

The web client also includes a new grid view, allowing you to view thumbnail images of documents in the folder browser. This view allows you to quickly skim for documents in a folder or set of search results, which is particularly useful when viewing folders with many photos or other images.

You can also now view remaining major file types directly in the preview pane and document viewer.

Laserfiche API Preview

The Laserfiche API Preview includes an alpha set of RESTful Web APIs designed to more easily access your Laserfiche Cloud repository. The initial release will be available as a preview for you to check out the APIs and share feedback.

Additional information

Release Notes for Laserfiche Cloud 2020.4