Laserfiche Cloud March 2022 Updates

The Laserfiche Cloud March 2022 update, released on March 8, 2022, includes the following new features.

Watch an overview of the new features here:

Capture Profiles

Simplify process design effort by using a single workflow to identify incoming documents and automatically apply an appropriate capture profile for data extraction.

With Capture Profile Groups, you can simplify process design with a more streamlined way to automatically identify the most relevant capture profile to run from a predesignated group of capture profiles.

You can also now create smart invoice profiles with a new designer. Additionally, you can create a vendor lookup table to help capture vendor information for invoices.

Laserfiche API Enhancements

Quality of life improvements to the API include a service discovery endpoint that will return the Repository ID for any account, navigate properties for our listing APIs, and an updated C# OAuth client library that supports .NET 6.0.

Repository Watermark

Place an administrator-defined watermark on content printed or exported by specified users to support compliance requirements.