Laserfiche Cloud November 2022 Updates

The Laserfiche Cloud November 2022 update, released on November 3, 2022, includes the following new features.

Watch an overview of the new features here:

Data Sources and Data Queries in Projects

Data Sources and Data Queries can be created in or assigned to a project to ensure they’re securely available only to users with access to the project. Projects can access Remote Agents in Global.

Laserfiche API Update

Laserfiche now provides Java libraries for interacting with the Laserfiche API from Java applications. The libraries are open source and the implementations and sample projects are available on GitHub.

Layout Designer Enhancements

In the Form Designer, you can format time values to not display seconds. Additionally, you can use tokens to set default values for number, currency, time, and date fields.

New Solution Templates

New community-submitted solution templates are now available that let you:

  • Automate the patient information authorization process from collecting the agreement from patients to securely releasing patient information to a specified party.
  • Upload legislative agenda and minutes for review and have checked for quality control.
  • Enable supervisors to submit new hire requests with funding information and updates existing employees’ funding accounts.
  • Creates tests and surveys for your training department to assign out.

If you are interested in sharing your solutions with the wider Laserfiche community, please visit the Laserfiche Solution Marketplace and follow the Submit a Solution link at the top of the page.