Laserfiche Cloud May 2023 Updates

The Laserfiche Cloud May 2023 update, released on May 8, 2023, includes the following new features.

Watch an overview of the new features here:

Business Process Updates

You can now add more action buttons to your forms besides the standard Submit, Approve, and Reject buttons. Then you can route your forms based on whatever action button was selected.

With action history now included in email notifications, users can have more context before processing tasks, especially when directly approving via email. You can include action history as PDF attachment in a user task notification, reminder, and/or email service task.

Layout Designer Updates

There are two new ways to modify your form’s design with field rules. You can now add or remove CSS classes from fields, and you can also control the default comment box behavior with field rules.

Your CSS is also now easier to navigate to with a new button on the form’s toolbar that will open the designer to the CSS tab within the Theme section.

Designers can control the allowed input types for Laserfiche signatures by toggling between using a typed signature, drawn signature, or either signature type.

Web Client Updates

Smoother link sharing across repositories is now available. All URL links to folders or documents inside a repository will now automatically fill in the account ID for recipients, matching the behavior of our previously released Copy URL feature.

IPaaS Updates

The “Getting Started with Laserfiche” Boomi Recipe includes pre-built processes to help you connect both Laserfiche self-hosted and cloud systems and your other essential business tools through Boomi. These processes include powerful, time saving solutions to:

  • Search a Laserfiche repository for a file and export it.
  • Upload a file to your Laserfiche repository and set metadata on it, and
  • Retrieve the metadata assigned to a Laserfiche file

Adapt what you learn by clicking through these processes to create specialized integrations with other applications. This recipe is available in Boomi’s Discover catalog.

New Solution Templates

The new Workflow with Loops template provides use cases for implementing workflow iteration mechanisms.

If you are interested in sharing your solutions with the wider Laserfiche community, please visit the Laserfiche Solution Marketplace and follow the Submit a Solution link at the top of the page.