Overview of Laserfiche Scanning

Laserfiche Scanning enables you to:

Laserfiche Scanning is supported with both the Laserfiche Windows client and the Laserfiche web client, and can be opened from either application. Scanning can be included as part of your Laserfiche client installation when you first install it. With the Laserfiche web client, you will be prompted to install Laserfiche Scanning when you first try to scan a document. See Installing Laserfiche Scanning with the Laserfiche web client for more information.

Opening Laserfiche Scanning

In the Laserfiche Windows client or Laserfiche web client, click the Scan button Scan button on the toolbar. Then select a scan mode.

Basic Scanning

Basic Scanning Mode provides a fast and simple interface requiring minimal configuration. This mode offers:

Standard Scanning

Standard Scanning Mode offers all of the features in Basic Mode, plus the ability to: 

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