Laserfiche Snapshot Overview

Laserfiche Snapshot can generate images and text from an electronic file (e.g., a Word document, a Web page, a text editor, etc.), thereby acting as a tool to archive a particular version of an electronic file. The files generated by Snapshot capture the content of the electronic file at the time that it was processed, and the images and text created from each page of an electronic file are then stored in a Laserfiche repository.

Snapshot can process any electronic file that can be opened with a Windows application with printing capabilities. For each print job, you can configure the paper size, color format, and other properties used to generate images. You can also set the properties (e.g., location, name, field data, etc.) for the Laserfiche document to be created from the pages. Additionally, text extracted from the electronic file will be immediately indexed, which makes documents created by Snapshot immediately retrievable by text search.