Electronic File Pane

The ClosedElectronic File Pane displays the electronic file portion of PDF electronic documents. It also allows you to zoom, pan, print, save a copy of the file, or export the PDF, just as you would in Adobe Reader. You cannot make and save changes to Laserfiche from this pane.

A Laserfiche entry is considered an electronic document if an electronic file (i.e., Word document, Excel spreadsheet, etc.) is associated with it. By default, opening an electronic document will display the electronic file in its native application (i.e., Microsoft Word, Excel, Internet Explorer, etc.) outside of Laserfiche. You can also view PDF electronic files within the document viewer, by displaying the Electronic File pane. Storing electronic files in Laserfiche allows you to take advantage of Laserfiche's document management capabilities while retaining the specialized capabilities of the Windows application.

To view a PDF electronic file

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Note: If you encounter issues while viewing PDF files in the Electronic File Pane of the document viewer, you can disable that feature. See Options: View: Open With for more information.