Text Pane

The ClosedText Pane allows you to view and edit the text associated with the currently selected page. From this pane, you can also view and managehighlights, redactions, underlines, and strikethrough formatting; learn more about annotations.

Note: If you modify the text of a document that was previously indexed, the index will be updated when you save the document.

Note: If you view the Text Pane from within the Preview Pane in the folder browser, the pane will be read-only. It is editable when opened from the document viewer.

To view the Text Pane

Working with Text

The Text Pane will display the text associated with the page currently being viewed. You can annotate, select, and modify the text. Some of the reasons for editing text include adding new searchable content to a page and correcting OCR inaccuracies.

You can copy and paste text from Laserfiche by selecting the text you want to copy, right-clicking it, and selecting Copy. You an also copy text by using the keyboard shortcut CTRL+C or by opening the Edit menu and selecting Copy.

Changing the Font Used to Display Text

You can change the font, style (i.e., regular, bold, and italics), and size used to display text in the Text Pane of the document viewer.

Note: New font settings are applied to the document from which the font was modified and to any document opened thereafter; however, if other document viewer windows are currently open, their text will not be changed.

To change the font used to display text

In the Laserfiche Windows client

  1. Make sure the Text Pane is displayed.
  2. In the View menu, select Text Font.
  3. In the ClosedFont dialog box, select the desired font, style, and size.

  4. Click OK.

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