Zoom Mode

Zoom mode allows the cursor to zoom in or out of an image, with each action centered on the current cursor position. Activate zoom mode by selecting the Zoom Tool toolbar button or by selecting Zoom Tool from the Tools menu. There are two possible states for the cursor in Zoom mode: the default state of zoom in and zoom out. Clicking on the image will magnify or reduce the image by one magnification factor. To change from zoom in to zoom out, hold down the SHIFT key. The scroll wheel on your mouse can also be used to quickly zoom in and out of an image while in zoom mode; when not in zoom mode, you can hold down the CTRL button while scrolling to zoom in or out.. Scrolling up will magnify the image. Scrolling down will reduce the image.

You can also configure options for page navigation. You can choose a default zoom level, and determine whether to reset the zoom feature when changing pages or keep the current zoom, current position, or both. See Options: View: General for more information for the Laserfiche Windows client, or Settings: Document Viewer: General for more information for the Laserfiche web client.

To zoom in

To zoom out

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