Metadata is information about a document that is appended to the document to make it easier to search, retrieve, or work with. For instance, you could use metadata to list the authors for a document, add search terms, note a client's phone number, or mark a document as high-priority.

Metadata is generally used to supplement information contained within the document's images, text, electronic file and/or annotations. If a particular piece of information is relevant to a document or would make it easier to search for that document, but is not already present in the document's images, text, or electronic file, you can save that information as part of the document using metadata. Some types of metadata can also be applied to folders.

You can view and work with a document's metadata in the Metadata Pane of the document viewer or in the Metadata dialog box in the folder browser. You can also display metadata information in columns in the folder browser, and search for documents based on their metadata.

Metadata Types

Laserfiche includes the following types of metadata:

Administrative Information

Administrators can create and manage metadata in the desktop or Web Administration Console. See Metadata Administration in the Laserfiche Administration Guide for more information.