Fields and Templates

Fields and templates are metadata types in Laserfiche that allow you to store and retrieve information about documents and folders. Field and template information is stored with the document. It is available when viewing the document in the document viewer and folder browser, as well as in search.

A field contains a piece of information about a document, such as an author name, an invoice number, a phone number, or an address. A template is a collection of related fields; assigning a template to an entry allows you to assign multiple related field at once. Only one template may be applied to a document or folder at a time. Fields can be added to the entry individually, either alongside or instead of a template, and there is no limit to how many fields can be added.

Field and template information has several purposes. It can provide a quick overview of the content or important identifying characteristics of a document or folder, such as the document type or category, or the document's author. It also makes it easier to search for an item: you can search for a document or folder by its template or its field values, allowing you to quickly locate documents based on information such as an invoice number or customer name. Fields and templates also allow you to store additional information with the document, such as a customer email address or phone number.

Note: When assigning templates or fields to documents, you will only be able to select templates and fields that have already been created. Templates and fields can be created and administered from the Laserfiche Administration Console. For more information, see Fields and Templates in the Laserfiche Administration Guide.

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