Working with Documents

There are a variety of ways to work with entries in your repository. You can open documents and view their contents, organize entries into a logical folder structure, make changes to image pages, add or update an electronic file, add or modify text, check out a document to make changes to it over time, and save your changes. You can also add metadata and annotations to documents, and launch business processes from relevant documents.

In general, you will work with documents in the folder browser and document viewer. (Since folders and shortcuts cannot be opened in the document viewer, they are always worked with in the folder browser.) In general, actions that apply to the entire document (such as moving it from one folder to another or renaming it) are performed in the folder browser, and actions that apply to part of a document (such as rearranging pages or modifying text) are performed in the document viewer. However, many tasks can be performed from either.

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