Working with Image Pages and Thumbnails

Both imaged documents and electronic documents can contain image pages (learn about different types of documents). An image page is a TIFF image of the page of a document. These images can be created by scanning a paper document, by importing existing image pages, or by generating pages from a PDF or printing images pages from an electronic document in Snapshot.

The Image Pane will display the image associated with the currently-selected page. One of the primary ways to work with an image is through the cursor, which allows you to select, pan, zoom, and apply annotations; to learn more about cursor modes, see Working with the Cursor. Regardless of your current cursor mode, you can rotate or zoom in/out of the image at any time.

Thumbnails in Laserfiche are miniature representations of the document's images that allow you to preview particular pages without actually viewing the page. Thumbnails can be used to organize pages in your document and move pages to another document. All of a document’s thumbnails are displayed in the Thumbnails Pane.

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